Radiation Oncology

Our radiation machine  is Halcyon from Varian which is a Canadian company and is the world leader in the manufacture, delivery and installations of linear accelerators. The Halcyon linear accelerator is the new standard of care in radiation. Medella has the only Halcyon unit in eastern India. We have installed one and there is another bunker to install a second one.

We have some  of the best radiation oncologist that there are. Our specialists do a full complement of Conventional RT Planning, 3DCRT Planning, IMRT and IGRT Planning for the delivery of radiation to an accuracy judged in millimetres. By the above field placements our specialists can deliver high doses of curative radiation with pin point accuracy to virtually every organ and tumor site in the body including: head and neck, breast brain, lung, bone tumors, spine, abdominal organs, lymph nodes, eye, and cervix. They are adept at giving radiation for pain relief, control of intractable bleeding, and palliative radiation to the brain.

The exact areas to be treated by radiation are decided by doing a CT Scan on the patient – called a CT Simulator. Along with the CT scan the patient data is then fed into our state of the art Treatment Planning System. Before executing  a radiation course  on a patient it is first designed and planned and approved  by our experts in Medical Physics. We have one of the senior most Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer in the state working with us  for our patients.


Accurate dose delivery is one of the most important part  of delivery of radiation therapy to the patient. To calibrate and measure the dose delivery with a very high degree of precision we use the BeamScan dosimetry system.