Medical Oncology

Our medical oncology specialists, provide  chemotherapy and immunotherapy  services targeting all the various cancers, with special interest in breast, head and neck, colon, gastrointestinal, gall bladder and liver, pancreatic, kidney and urinary bladder, prostate , non-small cell and small cell lung cancer,  gynecological and brain cancers.

Our hematology-oncology specialists also deliver state of the art lymphoma and leukemia treatment.  Our medical oncology specialist is adept at using state of the art immunotherapy drugs.

All our highly qualified and trained doctors have a combined experience of several decades. Collectively, our multidisciplinary specialists come together in a tumor board to determine the optimal choice, treatment strategies and options for our patients across a host of cancer types, leading to better outcomes and patient care.

We have  a patient-oriented focus and a philosophy of providing personalized, care at an affordable price for our people.  The high quality of medical skills possessed by our specialists allows us to handle more complex clinical cases.

We are constantly updating our range and availability  of chemotherapy medicines   to equip our clinic with state  of the art drugs in order to enable our doctors to provide quality cancer treatment for our patients for  improved treatment efficacy, minimal side effects  and better quality of life.

Biological agents and targeted cancer therapies are the drugs of the future. They are generally associated with improved overall results and minimal – or even absent – side effects. Chemotherapy is carefully administered by our qualified nurses  under the close supervision of our medical oncologists.

We provide the following chemotherapy options:

The patient is treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy together. Simultaneous administration of both the modalities increases the efficacy of both.
Some cancers like germ cell malignancies, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and blood cancers may be treated entirely by chemotherapy. These cancer are very responsive to chemotherapy and may be cured by it.
Here chemotherapy is given after surgery or radiotherapy. This therapy takes care of micro-metastatic disease and enhances survival.
This is chemotherapy given before local treatment which may be surgery or radiotherapy. The intention is to shrink the size of the tumor so that minimal/optimal local treatment can be given
In this chemotherapy is given to palliate symptoms and every effort is directed towards maintaining a good quality of life for the patient. This may improve the survival of the patient.
Metronomic chemotherapy is chemotherapy given in very small doses but on a continuous basis. It may help when the patient is not able to tolerate the standard doses.