A significant number of patients receiving radiation have malignancies of the head and neck. Patients usually presents to the ENT surgeon with hoarseness, pain in the mouth or throat, an ulcer or growth in the mouth, or just a white patch in the mouth. Swelling in the neck is another frequent way of presentation of ENT malignancies. An ENT specialist surgeon is eminently suited to look into these complaints, diagnose the problem and suggest the appropriate treatment.

ENT specialists employ a wide range of evaluation techniques ranging from local examination, indirect and direct laryngoscopy, and radiological procedures to assess cancer. ENT specialists are also called upon to provide biopsy samples to characterize cancer accurately.

Cure of the disease with preservation of function is the top priority in the treatment of ENT cancers. ENT specialists are also called in for palliative treatment for patients with cancers of the Head & Neck. ENT surgeons often save lives by doing tracheostomy on patients whose airways are obstructed due to any reason. They are again called for a local examination to assess any residual disease after the treatment is over.

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